This list is by no means definitive, but its a starter, feel free to comment or add your own favourite venue to the list, there are lots more places where you can catch jazz in Sydney, hopefully in time they will be listed on the site.  As a starter, this makes a handy guide for those looking to catch a jazz gig.

Phil SlaterListings in no particular order, they all have their own charms and Idiosyncrasies.  More info on each can be found on their websites.

Sydney Improvised Music Association
Regular Friday and Saturday night program in the Sound Lounge of the Seymour Centre.
Musicians are now saying they like playing there, good sound and atmosphere, people listen to the music.

Jazzgroove Association
Artist led collective that presents double bills at the 505 on Tuesday nights.
A mixture of old and new artists.  Jazzgroove also have a summer festival.

Primarily jazz, but they mix it up with world music and sometimes just great artists that take the fancy of the artist owners.
Springing up from their famous warehouse venue, this is a step up from underground.

Established Sydney venue that presents jazz amongst its program.  Operates most nights of the week.  Best tables come with dinner service.

A newer addition to the scene.  Varied choice of music, not always jazz, but jazz has a strong influence.

Cockatoo Calling
Often presenting jazz and improvised artists on the first Saturday of each month on Cockatoo Island.  A raw, industrial kind of feel.

Jazz on some nights, but always an intersting and diverse range of musical performances.  Very quirky and has actually arisen from Quirkz.  Worth going to, just to check out the decor.

Colbourne Avenue
Mostly jazz on Thursday nights in Glebe.  A wonderful lounge room vibe.  Its BYO so you can sink into a lounge chair and bliss out.

If you live in another city you are welcome to submit your list to us.

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