This multifaceted recording draws inuence from the music of the Japanese shakuhachi,

contemporary electronica, Scandinavian folk music, both European and American

jazz traditions as well as tonal, atonal and microtonal composition.

The majority of the tunes are penned by the saxophonist who is in good company.

Many jazz fans will know Icelandic guitarist Hilmar Jensson from his work with Jim Black’s

Alas No Axis. Per Oddvar Johansen has a number of ECM releaces under his belt with The

Source, Trygve Seim and Christian Wallumrød while Rune Nergaard perfoms

regularly with Bushman’s Revenge who can be heard on the Runegrammofon label.

Recorded at the famous Rainbow Studios by legendary engineer Jan Erik Kongshaug

who is responsible for so many of the classic recordings of European jazz on the

ECM label, this record shows a certain inuence from this environment. Yet inspite of

its context the Debut recording by the Australian saxophonist betrays a far reaching

plurality of musical tributaries. Rorke has been among the Nordic lands for a while

now, and his previously works as a sideman won Icelandic jazz album of the year with

his Nordic cohorts during a short stint spent cooling himself on that abstracted isle.

This recording is also presents a far too rare union of Hilmar Jensson’s wonderful

guitarmanship with some of his Norwegian neighbours. This group is denitely one

to watch, as is Rorke himself and SATU’s interesting  jazz releases.


Label: SATU # 09/02


Daniel Rorke – Saxophones


Hilmar Jensson – Guitar

Rune Nergaard – Bass

Per Oddvar Johansen – Drums

Recorded by Jan Erik Kongshaug in

Rainbow Studios Oslo, Norway,

August 2009.