IndoJazz have just launched their latest world jazz fusion EP featuring Arthur Gracias guitar and Paul Andrews sax.

IndoJazz, the world fusion group which has developed a strong following in Perth, and which also toured Australia as part of the Kultour programme, has just completed its latest EP “A Fusion of Two Worlds“.

The EP contains around 30 minutes of music, and marks the recent inclusion in the group of saxophonist, Paul Andrews, who impacted on the WA scene with his performances at the former Jazz Room and the Where is Jazz Camps.

Arthur Gracias‘ unique guitar playing and his extensive knowledge of traditional Indian music, combines beautifully with Paul’s haunting and lyrical saxophone playing. Together with the sound of tabla, this is a collection of pieces which merely hint at the extent of the musical possibilities of this exciting group.

The CD is now available for sale, and special promotional concerts are also being planned in Perth and Fremantle in the near future.

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