Album: Into the Shadow & Songs to the North Sky (double release)
Artist:   Tim Garland
Release Date: 2014
Label:     Edition

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Edition Records is a specialist UK label, established in 2008 by pianist/composer Dave Stapleton, and based in Hungerford, Berkshire. With a growing roster of artists in Jazz, Classical and Electronic music the label has been compared by The Guardian newspaper with the famous ECM Records, having ‘. . . a similar sixth sense for emerging innovators.’

Edition’s website displays over fifty albums and is currently releasing these new recordingsOf interest to jazz fans is UK saxophonist Tim Garland’s double CD Songs To The North Sky, the first disc of which is by his expandable trio Lighthouse. Pianist Gwilym Simcock, a standout from the 2012 collection is absent here, but three different players individually supply inventive keyboards: Jason Rebello, John Turville, and Geoffrey Keezer. Long-term associate, drummer Asaf Sirkis with his custom percussion kit of North African and Middle Eastern extraction contributes importantly on both discs. Guitarist Ant Law appears on four tracks, soloing well on Yes To This followed by Turville’s incisive piano leading into Garland’s thematic finale.

Disc two, utilising the Royal Northern Sinfonia Strings, begins in a more pastoral vein and has Garland improvising strongly in a romantic mode. The second disc also has some virtuosic bass work from the New York based John Patitucci, often as a continuum between some of the fifteen tracks.  This is a descriptive mix of symphonic arrangements with Garland’s narrative lead and his interpretative swinging, jazz-flavoured solos on soprano or tenor sax.

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