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Full Concert: The Music of Miles Davis – Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis


In these uncertain times, when we are looking, at least for the short term, a time when we can’t have live performances, I thought I would put you in touch with some existing concerts.

Apologies that these aren’t Australian musicians, but hey, Miles is a classic. Plus the Lincoln Center are doing some fantastic live streaming.

Miles Davis

If you want to send me info about what you are doing live streaming, recording, putting up videos, I’ll try and put up articles. I need an image 450 wide x 300 deep, if its a video, the video link. A small 300 x 300 image. You can tell me about what you are doing and give me links.

Whilst I haven’t been active, for the past little while, (and to be honest, don’t have a heap of time to be maintaining this site) you are more than welcome to list your gigs on the Jazz Australia website page if you find this helpful as a central resource. For the short term you might also want to put your next album release as an event.

If anyone has resources, or information to share with the community, please let me know. Indeed, if you are really keen and have time on your hands you might want to help me post these articles. You can contact me as Editor(at)

Stay strong, be kind. We’ll get through this.

The Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis performs Miles Davis’ groundbreaking music from the 1940s–60s. Davis’ work during these years is unparalleled in its stylistic range, impact, and enduring popularity, and this show will explore the pivotal musical moments on his quest towards innovation.  For more information on the series visit Jazz at the Lincoln Centre