Welcome to the new national jazz website. Funded by the Australia Council and produced by JAZZWA in partnership with Papercut Media, it represents an exciting new interactive resource for the national jazz community.

Following on from development work carried out over the last two years, and the launch of the JAZZWA website in June 2004, we were able to take advantage of the database structure and interactive approach developed to adapt this to the national jazz community.

The structure of the site enables us to open it up to contributions across the country, both through existing key organisations (referred to as content managers) and through direct input by members of the Australian jazz community.

The aim is that, in this way, we will be able to create a national site that both maximises limited resources and presents content that is managed by and reflects state interests.

This is the starting point in an exciting project that is hoped will see closer links developed between state jazz organisations, the australian jazz archive, musicians and enthusiasts, as well the presentation and creation of audio content.

We hope that you will become part of our journey in taking Australian Jazz to the world.

Hash Varsani is the owner of The Jazz Directory, a network of sites related to jazz, travel and everything else he loves. He also runs a selection of jazz related sites including Jazz Club Jury, a jazz club and festival review site. Check out his Google+ Profile, to see what else he's up to...probably setting up another website from one of his many passions.