The Scenery of Life Unfolding tells tales of intrigue and evokes images of haunting beauty.  It has been described as “a cinematic journey, articulating emotions stirred by departures, distance and transience.”

The duo’s new album celebrates the drama and melancholy of contemporary jazz.  Equanimity meets passion in an idiosyncratic take on the piano and bass duo lineup, with a respectful nod to the duet recordings of Charlie Haden and the European jazz aesthetic.

Pianist composer Jeremy Woolhouse and bassist Shannon Birchall first collaborated in the Estuary Three jazz-tango project in 2002 for the album Thumbnails.  Shannon went on to tour extensively with John Butler  who described him as part of “the best line up I have performed with …. a pleasure to live, love, learn, record and tour with.”  Shannon’s credits also include the MSO, The Hoodangers, Sally Ford and the Pachuco Playboys, Texicali Rose, Deborah Conway, and The Spaghetti Western Orchestra.

Relaxed vibe, lyrical melodies and elegant use of harmony are trademarks Jeremy has consolidated through his work leading Woolhouse-Michailidis-Robertson trio and solo project The Persistence of Dreaming.  His recent Silverbeat quintet project has also been highly regarded.  

The duo reunited in 2012 to record The Scenery of Life Unfolding and continue the journey into lightness and darkness, illusion and delusion.

Shannon Birchall – bass

Jeremy Woolhouse – piano/composition

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