Strangely Beautiful, Tim Wilson, review by Barry O’Sullivan

strangely beautiful

Album:  Strangely Beautful
Artist:   Tim Wilson
Release Date: 2016
Label:    Independent

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When jazz began in New Orleans after WWI, the tuba supplied the rhythmic bottom. As the music spread to Chicago, New York and beyond, the tuba spread with it, but was soon replaced by the more precise double bass.The hard-to-control but easy to parade with tuba soon disappeared from jazz almost everywhere else but not in the music’s birthplace New Orleans where even today having a tuba in the band remains standard operating procedure.

Now, on this recently released recording Strangely Beautiful  from tuba playing Tasmanian Tim Jones, this charming instrument resurfaces together with traditionally associated jazz instruments of Steve Magnusson’s guitar,Frank Di Sario’s double bass and Niko Schauble’s drums infusing familiar tunes with a play-full edge.

The album’s style and arrangements are best described as comfort food jazz.It won’t send chills up and down your spine but rather soothe and caress you gently all over with warmth.

Herbie Hancock’s Watermelon Man, Pennies From Heaven and Someone To Watch Over Me are enjoyably pleasant and the haunting slide guitar of Steve Magnusson on What Kind of Fool Am I  gives an added dimension.

At the heart of it all is Tim Jones’ superb tuba playing that makes this album a winner for lovers of relaxed,laid back jazz.

Tim Jones Tuba
Stephen Magnusson Guitar
Frank Di Sario Double Bass
Niko Schauble Drums, Recording, Mixing and Mastering.

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