The SURFACE Project & Tom Barton/Diego Villalta present  ‘The NOW’ – Australia tour April 2016

On Connections, Tom Barton and Diego Villalta have created a haunting sonic landscape that captures themes of the self and the natural world as the duo twists through eight improvisations. All About Jazz heralded the album as “a work of contraries (and) anyone with an open mind and two receptive ears should welcome this brave, sensitive and not infrequently brilliant music.”

“I don’t think we need to make any deliberate attempt to relate to a particular audience, naturally our music reflects our influences today and jazz is very much moving forward, developing and staying relevant. Most of our audiences are young people with a strong interest in new, creative music. Our live shows feature experimentation with electronic sounds as well as classically influenced compositions and rock guitar solos – it’s all just music and audiences respond enthusiastically to the energy we create on stage.” Drummer Cameron Sexton:

“The inspiration for forming the group and writing the compositions, originally came from a need to create music that felt good to me that I wanted to hear.  I’m really interested in a lot of current composers coming out of the New York scene at the moment and I draw heavily from that.  There’s also something really special about playing music with some of your closest friends, and from an audience’s perspective it’s exciting to watch a group on stage who all clearly have a good rapport and bond” Bassist Claire Cross

‘The NOW’ – Australia tour 2016

Tour dates:

  • April 8 – Jazz Music Institute, Brisbane
  • April 16 – MONA, Hobart
  • April 17 – Bennetts Lane Jazz Club, Melbourne
  • April 19 – Foundry 616, Sydney
  • April 22 – The Street Theatre, Canberra