Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra

Rattle Records and the Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra are on the eve of launching their new album, Fiddes vs Tinkler, featuring trumpeter Scott Tinkler and composer Andy Fiddes.

Jazz Australia catches up with Scott Tinkler.

JK: You have spent some eighteen months developing this project with Andy Fiddes. How did it originally come about and what was the inspiration?
ST: Andy and I have been mates for some time, trumpet nerds that have similar tastes. It was a simple idea that Andy wanted to write a series of pieces that he thought would suit my style of playing but direct me to some different areas. David Theak wanted me to do a project with the JMO and this seemed to present itself as the most fun and challenging idea for us all.

JK: Can you briefly describe the composition process and what it was like working with Andy?
ST: Well, I did nothing, but influence I guess. Andy knows my playing quite well, he did some post graduate work that involved research into my playing style, he knows more about me than I do. He did all the work, I just came in after the fact and played. This was made pretty easy for me due to the understanding Andy had of my approach, I feel at home in his music.

JK: Tell us a little about the recording process re the CD with such a large ensemble and any challenges you faced in the studio.
ST: There’s a hell of a lot of sound comes out of that band, strong player all. To find a spot amongst or even on top of that is physically demanding. Luckily, the room at 301 studios is a fantastic room to play in, plenty of space to create a big sound. I had to be in good chop shape, as well as feel familiar with the music. I worked a bit with the rhythm section to get it feeling like it was just a quintet type vibe with some extra horns, it came off really well. We had enough time in the studio to let me go hard on each take, but then rest a little to gather for the next, it’s quite a demanding blow indeed.

JK: How would you describe the finished work?
ST: Great fun! Andy has created a beautiful suite of pieces that have a great flow and take you on a journey. I get to show a few aspects of my playing, gentle, soft, rough and hard! A big thing in the way I play is getting it on with the drummer, Jamie has been great on this level, working hard at rhythmic interaction and development while still driving a big band.

JK: What’s the experience like playing live with the Jazz groove Mothership Orchestra? As a noted improviser how much room are you afforded?
ST: I actually get a heap of space, Andy was very careful to allow me to be able to stretch out and develop some ideas. The band is full of great players and soloists, they generate a heap of energy and it’s totally a joy ride for me. The level of professionalism working with David Theak is also much appreciated. That said, there is a heap of fun had too!

Scott Tinkler – trumpet
Andy Fiddes – composer
David Theak, Murray Jackson, Aaron Michael, Matt Keegan, Nick Bowd – woodwinds
Darryl Carthew, Dane Laboyrie, Andy Fiddes, Simon Ferenci – trumpets
Dave Panichi, Ellie Shearer, Ben Gurton, Justin Kearin – trombones
Carl Morgan – guitar
Hugh Barrett – piano
Tom Botting – contrabass
Jamie Cameron – drums and cymbals



Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra
Fiddes vs Tinkler CD Launch
Monday July 25
Foundry 616 – 616 Harris St, Ultimo
Tickets $25 / $20 (conc.) – Booking 02 9211 9442


  1. I’ve received a copy of the CD, but it’s good to hear about some of the background and Scott’s thoughts on the project.
    Good one, Joanne!

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