This is the process from Virgin bookings to take advantage of new deal for luggage for musicians.

Bookings of 10 or more are done through Group Tab  on  Less than 10 travelling, book online.

Once flights are booked email the Booking Reference Number to  with details of the instruments travelling and the weight estimate. They then fix it up from their end and you make payment for the baggage amount you want to purchase.

First $32 KG is free
2nd 32 Kg is $15  then increases in increments of 32 KG @$15
96 kg of luggage = $30

10 or more travelling, book through Groups online Group Quote

Please note you need 48 hours notice as head office is in Qld.
Virgin Australia Groups Department number is 136700

Please double check directly with Virgin as this may change.  However the information was accurate at the time it was uploaded.


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