When Is The Ideal Time To Replace Your Vacuum Cleaner?
Nothing lasts forever; even the best vacuum cleaners. No matter how often you give your vacuum cleaner a deep cleaning, there must come a time when you have to put it away for good and get yourself a brand new one.
The situation above would usually bring up a lot of questions for people. Some of these questions are – How long can vacuums last? When is the time to get a new vacuum?
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To help you with these questions, our team at TheKingLive has written this article to tell you the right time to replace your vacuum cleaner, as well as how long they should last.
How long can vacuum cleaners last?
According to numerous research studies and tests, vacuum cleaners usually last about eight years. However, the lifespan of a vacuum cleaner also depends on its brand and the usage by its owner. If your living space is only a small one-bedroom apartment, clearly you won’t have to use your vacuum cleaner as often as a big family who lives in a 2,000-square-foot home.
Therefore, if you have used your vacuum cleaner quite frequently for more than eight years, it might be time to give it an upgrade or even buy a new one.
In case you are still saving for the vacuum of your dreams, or you simply just don’t want to give up on your old, faithful vacuum cleaner, there are a few tricks that you can try to make the best out of your old friend – note that this can only help it continue to run for a short period of time. Buying a new vacuum cleaner is still inevitable.
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You can quickly conclude that your vacuum cleaner needs a replacement once you see that it isn’t sucking up dirt as it should. However, as stated above, there are still several ways that might prevent you from trashing the vacuum too early, even if it is super old and has been through a lot of use. Therefore, try searching for these tricks on the internet, if you must.
Before putting away your old vacuum for good, ensure you have checked through all the things mentioned below:
- Clogs in the hoses of vacuum cleaners can cause malfunction. The good news is that removing these clogs can bring the machine back to life instantly.
- Similar to clogs in hoses, clogs in filters can also lead to the vacuum not working. Therefore, you should regularly clean or replace the filter. Clogged filters can cause a lack of suction, which makes your machine unable to pick up dirt and dust.
- Vacuum cleaning should be done often, as well. If you check your vacuum cleaner filters and find them dirty, then there is a high chance that the entire machine would need a good scrubbing, too. Deep cleaning can do wonders for your vacuum cleaner.
- The drive belt of the vacuum should also be checked, as they can dry rot, stretch out, or come off track. The cost of a new drive belt is not expensive at all and can likely help the vacuum function properly again.
In case you’ve checked all the things in the list above, or tried all the tricks the internet has offered, and your vacuum cleaner still lies dead, it is time to get a new vacuum cleaner. If you have been saving up, we recommend you get a robotic vacuum cleaner, as they can automatically take care of the busiest areas in your home and they have a quite reasonable price.
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Hold your horses before trashing your old vacuum cleaner, as there are a few tricks to bring it back to life and save you from spending hundreds of dollars on a new one. Make sure you’ve checked all the things our team at TheKingLive has listed in this article before putting away your faithful friend for good.

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