The Performance of the Year Awards – for the first time presented in two categories – were a show of strength by women in particular. Sandy Evans’s Bridge of Dreams team (Sandy Evans, Shubha Mudgal, Aneesh Pradhan and Sirens Big Band) took home the inaugural Performance of the Year: Jazz/Improvised Music Award. Devenish is also winner of the Luminary Award for Western Australia.

‘Sheets of Sound’ by Western Australian percussionist Louise Devenish won the Notated Music category

Described as “a pinnacle of what jazz can be in Australia today” according to the judging panel, bassist and composer Linda May Han Oh continued Western Australia’s strong performance by taking home the Art Music Award for Work of the Year: Jazz for her Aventurine

Presented annually by APRA AMCOS and the Australian Music Centre (AMC), the Art Music Awards acknowledge the achievements of composers, performers and educators in the genres of contemporary classical music, jazz, improvisation, sound art and experimental music. The 2020 Awards included several new and restructured categories, in tune with the constantly evolving art music landscape.