Celebrating 30 years with Ten Part Invention

On Friday March 11th I was very proud to host an evening at the Sound Lounge, in the Seymour Centre for SIMA (Sydney Improvised Music Association) celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the forming of our ensemble Ten Part Invention. Seven originals were on stage and the night was dedicated to our three departed members, Ken James, Bernie McGann and Roger Frampton.


The memories came flooding back for not only the musicians, but others whom had been of assistance throughout the years. An emotional night! It broke my heart that I couldn’t actually play but the last few years of almost fatal respiratory problems have made playing the drums impossible.

However, I sure had a great 60 year career taking Australian music all over the world which is all up on Wikipedia along with my Discography. Further information and video of our performance at the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. is up on our website www.tenpartinvention.com

Club member Bob Bertles came back for the concert as did the original bassist Steve Elphick joining members Paul Cutlan, Andrew Robson and the wonderful Sandy Evans OAM in the reed section. Sandy is also co-musical director of the group. In the brass section, the ever present Miroslav Bukovsky (Co-MD), Warwick Alder and James Greening, Paul McNamara who has been on piano since we lost Roger Frampton in 2000 and the wonderful drummer Dave Goodman.

TPI is a non-profit Incorporated Association dedicated to performing exclusively the works of Australian composers. We heard new compositions as well as some of the great earlier material written by Bob Bertles, Miroslav Bukovsky, Sandy Evans and the great Roger Frampton.

I am so grateful that these exceptional musicians, all band Leaders in their own right, take the time out from their busy schedules to remain loyal to this project and to me. The excitement, great vibe and love in the room were quite something to experience.

We sold so many CD’s that I now have room to hide from my wife under the bed.

Article by John Pochee