Hue Blanes and Oliver Mann, two young Melbourne musicians, will premiere their collaborative project at the Kew Court House with Blow the man down.

Both Hue and Oliver are composers and singers coming from different musical pathways. With this new song cycle sees Hue Blanes composing and on piano while Oliver Mann brings his rich and nuanced voice to the project.

JK: How did this project come about?
HB: Blow The Man Down started in Italy, where the coffee drinking old man became somewhatof a fascination. I started to plan my retirement in Italy  – what would it entail? Cards and complaining all day, pasta, loudness, confusion…. it all inspired me to create the songs in this song cycle.

JK: What inspires you most about it?
HB: I am inspired by the underdog, the unseen, the weird and the wonderful, the circle and the square,the piano and the voice, songs in their raw form, with nothing hidden, all emotions revealed.

JK: What can audiences look forward to at the gig?
HB: They can look forward to duo fugal singing, themes of death, grumpy singing, creepy bridge people and beautiful songs about lost love.



The Kew Court House is a small performing arts venue presenting some of Australia’s most exciting artists. A former courthouse and police station, the heritage-listed building presents one-of-a-kind experiences that music lovers won’t get anywhere else in Melbourne.
Blow the man down: Hue Blanes and Oliver Mann

Kew Court House
188 High St, Kew
8pm, Saturday 5 August
Tickets $33 / $27 concession

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