An interview with Michael Galeazzi, Music Producer, Waverley Council for Jazz Australia.

Jazz at The Pav is a month-long celebration of Jazz music at the Bondi Pavilion Theatre in March. Featuring a star studded line-up of Sydney’s finest musicians,  Virna Sanzone and the Matt McMahon Trio, Sirens Big Band, The Catholics and The Greasy Chicken Orchestra.

JK: Why this series and why now?
MG: This series of Jazz @ The Pav, presented by Waverley Council, is just part of a long continuum of jazz performances at Bondi. I recently had a great morning in the library archives looking through vintage posters of jazz events held at Bondi Pavilion Theatre like the 1986 Esso Jazz Summit, The Benders in 1984, and even SIMA in the late 80s presenting three performances of Clarion Fracture Zone’s ‘Music For The Southern Seas’.

More recently, Council has hosted the Bell Series of jazz lectures and performances showcasing our incredible local artists, at Waverley Library. This year’s Jazz @ The Pav is another expression of our beachside community supporting the amazing jazz talent we have in this city.

JK: Where exactly at the Pav are the gigs? ie. indoors or outdoors
MG: The performances are inside Bondi Pavilion Theatre. The theatre is a lovely jazz room and we’re really looking forward to being able to showcase a program of great talent.

JK: What sort of vibe are you trying to create with this music series and what can people expect to hear?
MG: Bondi Pavilion Theatre is both a cool social space and one conducive to focused listening.

Then we’ve got our star studded line-up of Sydney’s finest musicians, including Greasy Chicken Orchestra, Matt McMahon Trio featuring Virna Sanzone, Sirens Big, and The catholics. It will be a relaxed event for people to sit back, have a drink and enjoy the music at one of Sydney’s iconic locations – Bondi Pavilion.

JK: Is there anything else you would like to mention?
MG: t will be a great space to both catch up with friends and listen to some fine jazz music.

Doors open at 7pm and performances start at 8pm. Tickets are $25 available online, for dates and details visit Waverley Council’s website or our facebook page.

Come down, enjoy a drink and a night out at Bondi Pavilion Theatre.