Support Act, a safety net for musicians.  Jazz Australia talks to Joanna Cave, Support Act’s Chief Executive

JK: The world of a performer is more financially precarious than many other professions, how did Support Act come into being?

JC: Support Act was established in recognition that, whilst music is a gift, it is also a career choice with unique pressures and pitfalls. One of the biggest challenges for people working in music is earning a reasonable and regular income and very few of our service users are able to afford superannuation and health insurance. So a problem can quickly become a crisis. Support Act exists to offer a safety net that is often sent for people working in music.

JK: Is the service anonymous and is it open to all genres of musicians and does it include other people in the profession?

JC: Our service is provided with understanding, without judgement and in complete confidence. Where we share a real story, it is only with prior permission from the service user. Our service is open to music professionals of all kinds – singers, songwriters, musicians, roadies, managers, technical crew, composers and others, provided they have worked professionally for at least 5 years.

JK: If someone wanted assistance, or if they wanted to donate, what should they do?
JC: If you need help, you can call 1300 731 303 or apply via our website If taking that first step feels too hard, ask a friend or colleague to contact us on your behalf. All cases are handled by our professional, experienced social worker whose job it is to understand each person’s situation and work with that person to work out the best way in which we can help.

Support Act receives no government funding and must fund raise every dollar we need to deliver our service. If you love music and care about the people who make it, this is the charity to support! You can donate online or over the phone. It’s quick and easy and all donations over $2 receive a tax deductible receipt.

JK: Do you find that it has been helpful for artists in the jazz
JC: We recognise the particular challenges faced by many people working the Jazz sector. Support Act has helped many music professionals working in Jazz.

If you want to find out more about Support Act to either receive assistance or to donate to the organisation please visit:

Telephone: 1300 731 303