From Bill Frisell to Indian fusion with Matt Keegan’s Three Seas, SIMA’s new program showcases artists from around the world.

JA: SIMA seems to be branching out from its traditional venues with a whole series of events in theatres and clubs this year. Is this part of a plan to take SIMA to a wider audience?
ZH: Yes! it has been part of my artistic vision for SIMA from the outset to present in some alternate and interesting spaces. I let the music guide my decision as to where I think an artist would sit best. Placing music in the right space makes for a great experience for both the musicians and audience members alike. I want every show to be unique and memorable. The Sound Lounge at the Seymour Centre remains our home base for the Summer and Winter Jazz seasons . It’s a great sounding room and is very special as you get an intimate, up-close experience.

This year I’m also programming in the 700 seat York Theatre at the Seymour centre, The National Maritime Museum, The Basement, Venue 505 and Foundry 616.

JA: You are presenting a really interesting concert in the theatre at the National Maritime Museum in Sydney on March 18th. Can you tell us a little about this?
ZH: The wonderful Sydney saxophonist  and composer Matt Keegan won the Freedman Fellowship in 2011. He used the prestigious prize to travel to India, write and record what is an incredible album. I’ve been a huge fan of this album since it was released( I have it in Vinyl) and so was really keen to try and present it in Sydney.

This is SIMA’s first time at the National Maritime Museum and we are thrilled to be in a great 200 seat theatre for this show. Matt has Raju Das Baul, Deo As his Mothey and Gaurab Chatterjee out from India for the show so it will be a really special night.

JA: SIMA will also be co-presenting a concert with Bill Frisell at the Seymour Centre on Sat 3rd June as part of the Winter Jazz Season. How did this come about?
ZH: Bill Frisell is one of my all time favourite musicians. The last track on my Zoe & the Buttercups Cd is named after him and I once chased him through park in Copenhagen just  to say hello! Needless to say when Brisbane promoter  Cristian Pilditch approached SIMA with the hope to co-present Bill and his band I jumped at the chance. This show will be in the York Theatre at the Seymour centre and I strongly suggest booking so you don’t miss out.  Violinist/Singer Petra Hayden,Charlie Haydens daughter is in the group. You can hear her on  Frisells latest album “When you wish upon a star”. Its simply beautiful music and I definitely wouldn’t miss this show if you can help it!

JA: You will also be presenting US saxophonist Donny McCaslin at the Basement on 31st May. Tell us about this concert.
ZH: Another exciting show! For those who don’t know Donny McCaslin’s group is the band that performs on David Bowies final album “Black Star”. Its an all-star lineup with incredible NYC musicians Jason Lindner, Jonathan Maron and Zach Danziger plus we have the Australian debut!

They will play some versions of the songs from “Black Star” as well as some of Donnys Tunes. They have a great sound, modern and edgy with lots of Vintage Synths.
SIMA is co- presenting this show with the Melbourne International Jazz festival.



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Feature image Donny McCaslin